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School Pupil Activity Bus

A SPAB, or School Pupil Activity Bus, is a motor vehicle that is NOT a “traditional” school bus that will transport students to or from a school-related event in the state of California. This includes field trips, graduations, sporting events, and even proms.

CWT Transportation understands the importance and value of these school sponsored events and to our children these events are lasting memories carried well beyond adult hood. This is why we take the care and provide only the highest level of service for all school bus and Charter Activity Buses.

Although CWT offers a wide variety of services we take pride in our SPAB training programs and our impeccable visits from The California Highway Patrol. Please call our friendly staff today to talk more about your upcoming event.

Services we offer:

  • Field Trips
  • Sporting Events
  • Senior Trips/Grad Night
  • Proms

Whether you need a simple transfer or an all-day field trip, CWT Transportation can meet all your SPAB transportation needs. CWT Transportation ensures that all buses reserved for the purpose of school events in California are certified according to SPAB regulations

Meet Marcia, our operations manager:

Marcia, has been our SPAB Trainer, our weekend warrior, and during desperate times has stepped into help when we were in need. Marcia started her career in transportation at age 23 driving a School Bus. For the last 19 years she has been certified as a School Bus instructor, has been in multiple levels of management for 17 years and most recently ran the transportation department for Petaluma Unified. Over the last few years Marcia secured millions of dollars in grants for the schools electric fleet and built an infrastructure around it.

We are very excited to have Marcia in a full time Management position to help us fill the all-around need. We recognize the impact Marcia will have on our business as a whole, however more importantly, we are excited that our driving staff will have a strong line of communication. It’s important for us to mention that our goal is to not be the biggest, nor the busiest but to find the best balance for the company, our employees and the people that we are so lucky to provide service for. Let’s all take a moment to congratulate Marcia when you see her!