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A Must-Experience Champagne Only Wine Tour in Napa Valley

California Wine Tours brings an exotic champagne-only Napa Valley Wine Tour that will take you through some of Napa Valley’s best wineries and vineyards.

Domaine Carneros 

The first stop of this champagne tour is Domaine Carneros, a stunning winery overlooking the rolling hills of Carneros. It is home to the California wine country landmark, Domaine Carneros château that is situated atop a knoll and presents the most stunning backdrop for wine enthusiasts as they savor their favorite still and sparkling wines.

Domaine Chandon

The next stop is Napa Valley’s first-ever sparkling wine club which gives visitors an amazing opportunity to discover premium rich sparkling wines. You will have the most wonderful experience here with the Rosé Flight, an exotic one-hour experience that celebrates the finest and highest quality craftsmanship in literally every sip that you take.

Schramsberg – Cave Tour & Tasting

Here, you will experience the cave tour with a traditional experience that includes a great variety of Schramsberg and Davies Vineyards wines (four sparkling and one red). With every sip you take, you will taste an explosion of flavors which is evidence enough of the quality of the champagne.

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