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California Wine Tours: Private and Tailored Tours for Individuals Visiting Napa Valley

Whether you prefer an oaky chardonnay or bold ice wines, or vintage options, nothing beats a wine tasting tour, especially if you are lucky enough to go on tailored wine tours of Napa Valley. What makes this a great wine destination is that you aren’t restricted to the tasting room or offered a litany of so-so wines, but rather, you’re in for an experience of a lifetime, with some of the best and most sought-after wines on the menu that are served with fun and engaging facts, and not to forget high end chauffeured transportation that adds a nice touch to an unforgettable experience.


So, what are you waiting for? Make memories with friends and family by booking premium Napa Private and tailored tours to individuals visiting Napa Valley. Lace up your shoes and get ready to crisscross around some of the most famous vineyards and wineries in Napa Valley, along with tours to chateaus and the infinite rows of grapevines across the wine region. And you get to enjoy some of the best wines and tastefully prepared hors d’oeuvres for your troubles. Now that’s a sweet deal!


In case, you were wondering what to expect, here’s what’s on offer for Napa Private and tailored tours to individuals visiting Napa Valley.

09:45 am: Pick up at Westin Verasa

You want to feel special and pampered during a tour of Napa Valley, so what better way to start your wine tasting journey than with high-end chauffeured transportation that will pick you up from your hotel. All vehicles are high-end and laced with the latest features, ensuring your journey is a comfortable one. You’ll also stop at scenic viewpoints along the way, and your chauffeur/tour guide for the day is someone who has spent years in Napa Valley and knows all of the best wineries, vineyards, and best-kept-secrets that Napa and Sonoma Valley have to offer. All you have to do is relax and kick back as you roll down the countryside and amble across flowing creeks and pastoral meadows.

10:15 am: James Cole Winery – Patio Tasting


The postcard-worthy surroundings will make you almost forget why you’re there in the first place – visiting acclaimed wineries, which is why you will have our chauffeur/tour guide by your side to guide you through the rich wine culture and history of Napa Valley. Located at 5014 Silverado Trail, is the James Cole Winery.


Reservations are made by appointment, so you know you’re in for a wonderful and exclusive experience. You can expect to enjoy four to five tastings of exclusive wine offerings at the James Cole Winery. The family-owned boutique winery is known for its delectable Cabernet Sauvignon and Bordeaux blends. The highlight of the wine tasting is not only a tour guide who is full of information but having the whole patio to yourself; perfect for that intimate wine tasting experience.


11:30 am: Turnbull Cellars – Gallery Tasting

The next stop is Turnbull Cellars – another great destination for exceptional wines in Napa Valley. Here, you will get to taste four current-release wines at the home range and winery. Some of the highlights of this winery are that you get to enjoy some of the best wines in Napa in a picturesque setting and plenty of open space. The winery has been in business for more than 40 years and has a rich history that’s rooted in Napa Valley. While you won’t be served food here, the gentleman serving the wines is a real delight to listen to, not to mention, you will taste some of the best reds in Turnbull Cellars, so who needs food anyway!


01:00 pm: Peju Winery – Tasting

It’s just past noon, and the perfect time to visit Peju Winery located at 8466 St Helena Hwy, Rutherford. The winery is the dream of Herta and Tony Peju who bought this property in the famed Rutherford district of Napa in 1983 and have called it home ever since. You can expect to enjoy some tasty Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and organic wines, and you also get to buy some amazing wine gifts for family and friends. Tastings feature five PEJU wines that are hosted by an experienced wine educator to make sure you get your facts straight.

02:30 pm: PlumpJack – Tasting

No tour of Napa Valley would be complete without a visit to PlumpJack Winery. Here, you will get to find out first-hand just why PlumpJack Winery has earned the reputation for serving full-bodied rich, and delectable wines. Since large tour buses are not allowed at PlumpJack Winery, you can look forward to an intimate wine tasting experience in beautiful surroundings.

04:00 pm: Drop off at Westin Verasa

It’s the end of the line, and all that delicious wine has got you feeling like a nap. The Westin Verasa is the perfect blend of upscale comfort and boutique hotel room convenience. Time to rejuvenate in a 5-star hotel that’s just around the corner from the many Napa Valley wineries that you’ve visited since this morning. If you’re wondering how to get there, then our high-end chauffeured transportation has you covered.


For more details on how you can get Tailored Wine Tours, and other options, feel free to visit


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