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Explore Amazing Wineries in Napa with Exciting Napa Valley Wine Tours

There are several hillside vineyards in Napa County in California. In addition to the visual pleasure that the land provides through gorgeous landscapes, some fantastic flavors come from the region, especially in the form of wines. Perhaps what makes a visit to the many wineries in the area even more worthwhile is how welcomed the locals make you feel. There’s an almost instant friendly ambiance the moment you set foot into the exceptional wineries, highly-rated restaurants, or luxurious and comfortable accommodations. Undeniably, Napa Valley tours are a celebration worth every moment.

Seeing as the Napa Valley region is known predominantly for the unique wines from the various wineries, taking a wine tour presents a memorable day full of laughs, excitement, and appreciation of the land. This article, therefore, offers an itinerary that could very well be a wine tour that you could take alone or with friends.

Enjoy a Napa Valley Wine Tour in Luxury and Style

There’s something undeniably unique about taking a wine tour. You’re not only discovering new flavors, but you learn about how they are made by people who have a history attached to the land. You can see the ways in which the owners of the land have treated it for decades to create the richness and subtleties that come with each sip. Thus, you appreciate the wines, the process of making them, and the people who made all of that a possibility. In addition to that, you also complement those tales with some truly breathtaking views of the natural landscapes.

What perhaps makes Napa Valley wine tours even better is that you can experience all of that in luxury and style. We’re, of course, talking about high-quality transportation with well-trained chauffeurs that know the region like the back of the hand. As a result, each drive presents almost no hurdles and detailed and well-informed commentary about the area as you pass by each part of the hillside region.

With that said, you should take a look at this detailed itinerary if you’re considering a wine tour through the beautiful Napa Valley.

10:00 am – Dakota Shy, Tasting

Your wine tour begins at the perfect time—early enough to enjoy the bright morning sunlight without needing to ruin your beauty sleep to wake out of your regular schedule. As you get into the comfortable transport vehicle, you’ll be dropped off at Dakota Shy at 10 in the morning for a taste of some of the area’s finest wines.

Dakota Shy is known for its consistent commitment to excellence with its wines and is thus a great fit for napa wine tours. The winery produces only small amounts of wine to ensure that every product is carefully crafted and reflects a sense of place through its flavor, texture, and scent. You’ll also be excited to learn that Cabernet Sauvignon-based wines from Dakota Shy are some of the best in the world.

10:30 am – Oakville Grocery, Prepaid Lunch Items

While you’re satiating your palate early that morning at Dakota Shy, the chauffeur will head over to Oakville Grocery to pick up lunch items after dropping off all guests at the winery. After you’ve truly enjoyed what Dakota Shy has to offer, you’ll be taken to Oakville Grocery for a prepaid lunch. The lunch will be ready at 10:30 am, getting your stomach full and ready for a day full of consuming various types of wine, all from this valley in California.

12:00 pm – Aonair, Tasting and Picnic

After you’ve bonded with your friends or made some new ones over a hearty lunch, you’ll be on your way to Aonair, a family-owned and run winery. The ride through the long country road between mossy boulders and old oak trees will give you enough time to make you crave the wine at Aonair.

What’s particularly unique about Aonair and their wines is that every type of wine is produced through a hands-on approach. Therefore, you can smell, taste, and feel the care that’s put into creating their fine wines. In fact, the name Aonair comes from the Gaelic word that means “one man.” Thus, that’s precisely what you can experience when you consume wine from this winery.

You’ll also be pleased to learn that your visit to Aonair is complimentary for all guests that travel with California Wine Tours. The visit to this winery is otherwise valued at $100 per person, so your visit here on your Napa wine tour is definitely going to be worth it.

2:00 pm – Heitz Estate, Tour and Tasting 

You can finish off the tour with a stop at the historic and family-owned winery called Heitz Estate. This winery is also known for creating some truly decadent Cabernet Sauvignon wines. At your visit here, you’ll get to take a tour around the space to understand its history and culture. After that, you can settle down and explore the wines that have been produced from this part of the land for several years now. When you’ve had your fill of alcohol and gorgeous greens, you can put your feet up in the luxurious transport and head back home in time for supper.

Last Few Words

California Wine Tours is a tour company that’s dedicated to providing you with some of the best Napa Valley wine tours that you can have in the area. We take the utmost care to plan each tour so that you don’t have to worry about a single thing. We also design each tour in such a way that it’s exciting for residents of California and those visiting from other parts of the country.


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