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Have an Exciting Day Out from San Fransisco with Napa Wine Tours

The Napa and Sonoma valleys are particularly renowned for producing some of the best wines in all of California, and residents of the city of San Fransisco don’t have to travel much to visit some fantastic wineries within it. For decades, wineries have produced unique wines with their own character in the Napa Valley, and being able to stand, sit, and drink in those spaces is a remarkable feeling. You can see bits of the process and the land where the magic takes place. You can also, of course, experience several varieties such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Chardonnay at the place where they come from through San Fransisco wine tours.

These tours are detailed and are accompanied by wine experts who can provide a quick history lesson of each winery so that you, as a guest, not only enjoy the flavors of your drinks but get to understand the heritage of each drink. Thus, this article offers you an example of what a tour to Napa Valley’s wineries would be like if you decided to explore the rich wine history of the area from San Fran.

A Day Out Filled with Wine and Joy in San Fransisco

Wine tours present the perfect opportunity for new wine drinkers to familiarize their palates with different varieties. At the same time, it allows wine lovers to learn about the land and the people that make some of their favorite varieties.

The Napa wine tour described below is designed to provide the best experience for both types of wine drinkers. These tours ensure that you are consistently intrigued by the wineries, their products, and the new people you can get to know. In addition to that, it helps you get away from the busyness of the city and your life within it. You’ll get to explore natural landscapes and take in some beauty that can stay in your memory for years to come.

So, let’s delve into what a day like this has in store for you!

08:30 am – Pick up from San Francisco

Considering the tour has a bit of traveling involved, we start bright and early. A luxurious vehicle, equipped with several comfort-related features and a knowledgeable and respecting chauffeur behind the wheel, will pick you up from at 1566 19th St San Francisco.

10:00 am – John Anthony, Church Experience 

The first stop is at the Church Vineyard by John Anthony Vineyards. When you walk into the winery, you’ll begin to understand that no price is too high for the aesthetic value that it provides. The Church Vineyard was built in Happy Valley, Pennsylvania, in 1886 and reconstructed in Napa later. Moreover, its renovation in 2018 has brought the architecture with its 41-foot ceilings to life. That said, it still has its original stained-glass windows and its bell tower that provides an authentic historical visual experience. The entire building is around 4 acres of Sauvignon Blanc, which produces the vineyard’s famous Sauvignon Blanc.

12:00 pm – The Charter Oak Restaurant, Lunch

After tasting some brilliant grape varieties, you can re-fuel yourself with a hearty lunch at The Charter Oak restaurant (at the customer’s expense). This part of the day is great for getting to know the people you’re touring with, thanks to the restaurant’s family-style dining experience. The restaurant also sources its vegetables from its own 3.5-acre farm, less than half a mile from your table. So, rest assured, your food is as fresh as it gets.

02:00 pm – Del Dotto, Cave Experience and Barrel Tasting

The Napa wine tour day resumes with a visit to Del Dotto’s historic winery and caves. Take in the arresting aroma as you walk through the old caves with barrels of wines on either side of you. The barrel tasting option at this winery allows you to taste the wine as the makers do for a truly authentic experience. Moreover, you can get hints of the oak flavor from the drink that are otherwise not discernable in a bottle of wine.

04:00 pm – Peju Winery, Tasting

The last stop is one winery that people taking Napa wine tours should visit at least once: Peju Winery. It is a family-owned winery that has been instrumental in facilitating the practice called Custom Crush in Napa Valley. Visiting Peju Winery is a great way to learn about the place’s history and enjoy some special drinks in a home-like environment.

05:00 pm Depart for SF

After a day full of exquisite flavors, laughs, fun, and memorable moments, you’ll finally head back to the vehicle for a departure back to San Fransisco. Whether you want to ask others about their experience during the hour and a half long drive or rest your eyes, it’s entirely up to you.

06:30 pm Drop Off at San Francisco

Your San Fransisco wine tour day ends where it began: 1566 19th St San Fransisco. You’ll be dropped off at the same spot, where you can then choose how to spend the rest of the night.

Last Few Words

Your wine tour plans can easily be made a possibility with California Wine Tours. We are a tour company dedicated to providing you with a range of detailed and well-planned Napa Valley wine tours. We meticulously arrange all aspects of each wine tour so that you can sit back and focus only on having a fantastic day. Whether you’re from Cali or on visit, you’re sure to have an experience you won’t forget.


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