Charter Services

Charters are calculated at an hourly rate, based on your vehicle type or passenger count. Our fleet of vehicles range from BMW Sedans, Corporate Suburbans, Luxury Vans, Mini Busses and Full Size Motor coaches. We offer a variety of different style vehicles which include Limousine style seating to luxury shuttle style forward facing vehicles. All vehicles are built by the top rated limousine and bus builders and include leather interiors, TV’s, DVD Players, Stereo systems, etc.

Our phones ring directly to a friendly sales representative located in our brick and mortar building and Sales can be reached between the hours of 8:00 am Pacific until 7:00 pm. Our dispatch department can be reached 24 hours a day. Although we have many tools integrated for your convenience to receive price quotes or book online we urge you to call us here at CWT and get to know our staff!


"Safety Matters, Choose Wisely"
We know that we are not the only option for chartered transportation. With that being said if you are in need of safe, reliable transportation, look no further! But if you do please ask the following questions.
Does the driver have a valid commercial driver's license? Has the driver successfully passed a DOT physical? Are their vehicles inspected by the CHP & CA PUC? What is their TCP number? Do their drivers keep daily logged driving hours? Did you know that stretch limousines have been outlawed in California? These are all good things to know! Remember, know the facts and more importantly, who's behind the wheel!

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