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Northern Sonoma Wine Tours

Stroll Amidst the Bountiful Vineyards and Sample Hand-Crafted Wine

Book a Northern Sonoma County Wine Tour for as low as $112.50 per person with a minimum of 8 people.  Inquire with a tour planner today!

Smaller and Larger group packages, individual couples and custom private planning is also available with one of our knowledgeable tour planners.

Discover the secrets of Northern Sonoma’s world-renowned wineries with an all-day excursion with California Wine Tours and Transportation. Get a convenient and comfortable pick up from the airport to your hotel to the wineries, and back. Learn about the region’s rich winemaking history and culture from our friendly and knowledgeable chauffeur/ guide and explore up to three wineries in Northern Sonoma.

Enjoy a scrumptious picnic lunch in a picturesque setting of rolling green vineries and make the most use of your time by enjoying our convenient hotel pick-up and drop-off in luxury limousines, classic cars, and comfy party buses.

While other transportation services will take you from your hotel to Wine Country, they cannot offer you the highly personalized Northern Sonoma wine tours and tastings that we can. We go beyond being just a basic vehicle-and-driver company. We offer you the services of expert chauffeurs who are intimately familiar with Northern Sonoma and can guide you on the best vineyards to visit, recommend the best wineries, offer you tidbits of history about local winemaking, and share their experience with you.

What to Expect During Northern Sonoma Tours

Imagine strolling among the green vines of grapes, sampling local wine made in small batches given only to select buyers, and learning the history of the art of winemaking. Our Northern Sonoma wine tour will bring you on a journey of discovery to Sonoma Valley’s northern regions, including the Dry Creek Valley, Healdsburg, and Alexander Valley.

Northern Sonoma wineries have a rustic charm and are not crowded with people. We recommend semi-private tours of couples, families, friends, and corporate professionals in small groups. The smaller size allows us to visit all the types of wineries that you want to visit during the tour, including the small garagistes vineyards. Since all our Northern Sonoma tours are personalized, the exact same route is never followed twice.

There will be no set schedule of the wineries for your tour. If you are part of a join-in tour, our guide will customize the tour to give the very best experience possible for everyone in the group. However, if you are on a private tour, you can choose the wineries that you wish to visit in Northern Sonoma Valley.

An average tour takes anywhere between 5 to 8 hours, depending on the itinerary, but you can also opt for an overnight stay at one of the quaint inns at the winery. At California Wine Tours and Transportation, we can help you with your Northern Sonoma Tour in the following ways:

  • Transportation from the airport to the hotel to the wineries and back
  • Recommendations for wineries, which may be reserved directly
  • Planning the tour from beginning to end

Claim to Fame of Northern Sonoma Valley

The Wine Country has gained huge fame for its Cabernet Sauvignon. Sonoma Valley offers three signature types of grapes that make the top of the list. These include the Old-vine Zinfandel from Dry Creek Valley, Pinot Noir from the Russian River, and Cabernet Sauvignon from Alexander Valley. These three grape varietals have emerged as the top three contenders as the perfect grape for this region. They consist of wine characteristics that are unique to Northern Sonoma and have a distinctive taste and aroma that makes them instantly recognizable during a blind tasting.

Highlights of Northern Sonoma Tours

Sonoma Wine Tours

Our knowledgeable and friendly local tour guides will not just pick you up from your hotel but will also take you on a guided path to the beautiful Northern Sonoma Valley, where they will show you some of the hidden gems and best-kept secrets of Wine Country. Whether you are a wine connoisseur or a wine novice, we will tailor the Northern Sonoma Valley tour according to your preference.

  • See the small, local, family-owned wineries in Dry Creek, Alexander, Healdsburg, and Alexander Valley wine country.
  • Travel in style, comfort, and luxury in our exclusive limousines, classic cars, or party buses. We recommend small groups of people to prevent crowding.
  • Reserve your own private tour in Northern Sonoma Valley and join in with other groups to share the experience.
  • We offer pickup from San Francisco International Airport, to your hotel, to the Wine Country.
  • Explore the breathtaking views of the vineyards in Northern Sonoma Valley.
  • Discover everything that the Northern Sonoma Valley offers. Take a trip to multiple local wineries, discover the natural caves and beautiful landscapes of the region or take a side-trip to the Armstrong Redwoods reserve that is one of the unspoiled redwood forests in California today.
  • Sip on the exceptional small-batch handcrafted wines from the local wineries.
  • Have a scrumptious dinner at one of Northern Sonoma’s notable restaurants or enjoy a picnic lunch amidst Sonoma’s natural backdrop.
  • Take a tour of the wineries themselves and see the entire everything that goes into making a bottle of wine.
  • Take photos of your group with the majestic Northern Sonoma Valley as the backdrop.
  • Options to customize your Northern Sonoma Tour according to wine type (Cabernet, Chardonnay, etc.) nor wine region (Dry Creek, Healdsburg, Alexander, etc.).
  • Learn about the local wine-making culture and history.

We offer private or small-group guided tours with the option of join-in tours so that you can share your magical day with other like-minded wine lovers. Your journey will be filled with fun, joy, and light-heartedness as you pass by the beautiful unpopulated regions of the Wine Country led by an upbeat and friendly guide.

Feel free to make your booking today. Reach out to us at and join us in discovering the hidden secrets of the Northern Sonoma Valley.